Live from Cork Opera House

Lilith, Adam's first wife, made of earth and clay... not rib.

Written out of history, 'til now that is.

She's gonna let it all hang out, and sing her side of the story.

This album features 11 songs with influences from the worlds of soul, blues, tango, pop and classical - a gleefully irreverent, sacred, sexy take on Creation.

A thrilling cabaret-style song cycle by Éadaoin O Donoghue and John O'Brien, performed by Karen Underwood, with Dave Whitla on bass, Fionn Ó Ceallacháin on drums, and John O'Brien on piano and recorded live at the Cork Midsummer Festival 2019. 

Commissioned by Cork Midsummer Festival
and funded by a Music Project Grant from the Arts Council of Ireland
Recorded live at Dali as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2019
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daragh Murphy
Produced by John O'Brien
Photos by Jed Niezgoda
Poster by Frank Prendergast
Project Produced by Naomi Daly